We take great pride in taking care of our customers.

    • Robert R.

      Robert R.

      I am not a plumber, yet they are very patient with me. They always have exactly what I need. Guys at the counter are very knowledgeable about all facets of plumbing because they work with real plumbers every day. Higher quality parts, usually at a lower price, than the big box stores. I always go to them first!
    • JOSEPH L.

      JOSEPH L.

      They know what you’re talking about most of the time & even have it occasionally. I’m still waiting on my hoodie.
    • MIKE G.

      MIKE G.

      Paul cruise is a helpful and very knowledgeable salesman!!!
    • JAEL H.

      JAEL H.

      Had exactly what we needed. Got in and out in under a few minutes. Super nice, knowledgeable and went out of their way to be nice to our kiddos that had to come along for the ride.
    • PAUL C.

      PAUL C.

      Great place for Plumbing supply.
    • LAURA H.

      LAURA H.

      Toilet broke and called several Plumbing Supply places. East End Plumbing Supply was the farthest, but wow- what customer service! I explained what was wrong and the part I needed (per the manufacturer). They had me text a photo of the part, then explained that I only needed a smaller piece and that I could probably get it from a closer shop. I was happy to make the drive to give them the business, and I’m happy to write a review, which I rarely do. When do you come across such thorough and honest customer service these days? When I got there, everyone was friendly and generous with advice on how best to fix my toilet. Thanks Paul- you guys are great and I will go to you for all future plumbing needs!